In 2007, the Clear the Air Foundation was founded with the assistance of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) and its members.  The goal of CTAF is to help Colorado citizens who suffer from asthma or other environment-related breathing disorders by improving the air in which we breathe and to provide scholarships to students who want to further their education in the automotive or technology fields.

The Drive to Assist

After a very intensive study by University of Denver professor Don Stedman, PhD, Clear the Air Foundation’s focus was clear; we seek to remove old, or otherwise poorly maintained, vehicles—high hydrocarbon emitters—from the road to reduce the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere.  The results of Stedman’s study found that half of the vehicle emissions measured came from fewer than five percent of all automobiles on the road.  Furthermore, he found that newer and properly maintained vehicles contribute very low emissions in comparison to what Stedman calls the “gross emitters”.  One “gross emitter” contributes as much emissions to the atmosphere as 100 newer, cleaner cars do.

 Where to find all of these “gross emitters”?

The Foundation will be working very closely with Colorado automobile dealers who have agreed to donate “gross emitting” vehicles that are traded in from consumers.  Through their continued support and private donations, we hope to be able to remove 1,000 cars from the road in 2011, which would make a measureable difference in the quality of Colorado’s air.

For more information on Don Stedman’s research, please follow this link: